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Can't find Filipino programming in the United States? DISH's Filipino packages offer the best of Tagalog-language television programming directly from the Philippines. If you're looking to get a taste of home look no further than the Filipino packages from DISH.

Offering a variety of channels, you'll never have to worry about missing your favorite sitcoms, talk shows, or soap operas. You can even catch up on your favorite music stations with AM and FM radio. Sign up with DISH today and to enjoy the best Filipino entertainment available from the Philippines.

Filipino: GMA Pinoy

If you're looking for the best in Filipino television look no further. This package includes a variety of Filipino channels including news, sitcoms, soap operas, and talk shows. It also includes Filipino music from your favorite AM and FM radio stations.


  • - DWLS
  • - DZBB
  • - GMA Life TV
  • - GMA Pinoy TV